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Roots College International aims to be a global institution committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of diverse range of students by providing challenging academic programmes underpinned by innovative research scholarship and professional practices. To this end, it offers a range of the University of London International Programmes Economics, Management, Finance and Social Science degrees.

The University of London is truly one of the great universities of the world - a federation of 19 world-class Colleges and 10 specialised institutes, with more than 160,000 students. Its reputation for high academic standards has been built on the outstanding teaching and research of its Colleges since 1836. For 153 years, University of London degrees have been accessible to students all over the world through the University of London International Programmes. Today, the University of London International Programmes is truly international in character with over 50,000 students in more than 190 countries.

RCI has over 20 years experience of supporting these programmes. In 2009, it was awarded Affiliate Centre status for the University of London International Programmes. This means the University of London considers that we have demonstrated a sustained commitment to high standards in respect of the teaching, support and administration of students of the University of London International Programmes. Affiliate Centre status is the highest level of recognition awarded by the University of London.

Academic direction for all of the courses offered through University of London International Programmed is provided by Colleges of the University. In the case of degrees in Economics, Management, Finance and Social Science Degrees, academic direction is provided by the London School of Economics and Political Science, one of the most renowned Colleges of the University of London. Academics at the LSE develop the syllabuses, prepare the study materials, and are responsible for the assessment of International Programmes students. This ensures that the standard of awards made to International Programmes students are maintained at the same level as the standards of awards made to students studying at a College of the University of London. Upon successful completion of their programme of study, students receive a University of London degree.

EMFSS - (Economics, Management, Finance & the Social Sciences)

* Quality – academic direction provided by academics at the renowned London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
* Choice – with a variety of qualifications and more than 100 different units, you can tailor your study to your interests.
* Highly valued – graduates obtain places on Masters programmes in prestigious universities around the world and join leading companies.

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World class Academic support

* Experienced Faculty
* Scholarships available
* Interactive students resource library
* Internet connectivity & broad band
* Student & career counselor
* Three year study programme
* Summer School at LSE, UK
* Study Weekend in London
* Virtual Campus and study support