09-6-13 "The News International " Interview of Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq in "The News" published on 9th June 2013
09-8-12 "The News International " Rootsians clinch four gold medals in IKMC 2012
07-9-12 "The News International " World Teacher's Day
06-10-12 "Pakistan Observer International " World Teacher's Day
Rootsians celebrate day with fervour

06-10-12 "The News International " Students greet teachers wih fresh roses
29-10-11 "The News International " A fusion of art & empathy
18-10-11 "University of Cambridge" Teachers at Roots School System achieve Cambridge Professional Development qualifications
26-9-11 "The Nation International " Intel signs MoU to develop ICT
25-9-11 "The Nation International " Peace Through Art
25-9-11 "The News International " RSS, Intel join hands for digital literacy
25-9-11 "Dateline International " Students preach peace through art'
24-9-11 "Pakistan Observer International " Roots School System initiative authors unique ICT curriculum
23-9-11 "Pakistan Observer International " RIUC signs MOU with TiE
14-9-11 "Pakistan Observer International " Chinese language at Roots School System
14-9-11 "The News International " Rootsians Honoured
20-8-11 "The News International " Rootsians excel in IKMC 2011
12-8-11 "The News International " Rootsians sets new World Record again.....
04-8-11 "The Nation International " Brands of the year award
26-7-11 "The News International " Honour for teacher
26-7-11 "The National" Distinction for local school
24-7-11 "The Nation Islamabad " Tayyaba to participate in Microsoft Event
09-7-11 "The News International " Roots SSC Part-II - FBISE Result 2011
05-7-11 "The News International " RNITTE's Workshop ends
20-5-11 "Daily Times Lahore " Annual Achievements Student Recognition Day 2011
20-5-11 "The News International" Performance of Montessori students captivates audience
11-5-11 "Daily Times Lahore " RSS Celebrates Annual Parents Day, Montessori graduation ceremony
06-5-11 "The News International" Parents Day held at RSS Emaar Campus
28-4-11 "The Nation International" Students wearing traditional colourful dresses during the 21st-year celebrations of a local school at Convention center on Wednesday
28-4-11 "The News International" Spouse of Chief of Army Staff, Begum Zahida Kayani attending the 23 years celebrations of Roots School System at Convention Centre.
27-4-11 "The News International" Rootsians get over $100m scholarships
20-4-11 "Pakistan Observer International" Students presenting Naat during the annual parents day at Roots School
20-4-11 "The Express Tribune Islamabad" Roots Parents Day
From Boogie Woogie to ' We are the World '

17-4-11 "City Statesman Peshawar " Teachers setting their stalls during Annual Parents Day and Montessori Graduation Ceremony of Roots School System at Nishter Hall
17-4-11 "The News International" Seminar
17-4-11 "The Nation International" MIRPUR - Students and teachers of Roots School System at an event
17-4-11 "The Express Tribune Islamabad" Roots Academic Awards 220 students given prices
17-4-11 "Daily Surkhab Peshawar " Peshawar - 'Natural gala festival' at Nishtar Hall in Peshawar on Saturday
17-4-11 "Lead Pakistan Peshawar " Peshawar - Children presenting bouquet to Jamal Shah on his arrival at Nishtar Hall on Sunday
17-4-11 "Lead Pakistan Peshawar " Peshawar - Chairman Roots School System Chaudhary Faisal Mushtaq giving away shield to best teacher of the year.
17-4-11 "The Dawn International" Peshawar - A Visitor looks at a model on display at a stall during the 'natural gala festival' at Nishtar Hall in Peshawar on Saturday
16-4-11 "Daily Mashriq Peshawar International" Students of Roots School, Peshawar, present a tableau during the annual parents day held at Nishtar Hall, Peshawar on Friday
16-4-11 "The Express Tribune Islamabad" Roots introduces ACCA
13-4-11 "The Daily Saltanat Gujranwala " Academic Awards - Gujranwala
13-4-11 "The Daily Makhlooq Gujranwala " Roots Academic Awards - Gujranwala
13-4-11 "City News Islamabad " Roots and Coca Cola Pakistan Signs MoU
"Jeeyo Coke Zindagi - Activation plan at Roots"

12-4-11 "The News International" Student celebrate 23rd birthday of RSS
12-4-11 "The Nation International" Local school celebrates 23rd birthday
11-4-11 "Daily Nawa-i-waqt International" Academic Awards - Gujranwala
10-4-11 "The News International" Cultural diversity displayed by Roots German Club
07-4-11 "The Nation International" Roots, Coca Cola sign MoU
29-3-11 "The News International" Students light candles to mark Earth Hour
27-3-11 "The Tribune Islamabad" Rootsians on the go
27-3-11 "Pakistan Observer International" Ceremony to honour students
26-3-11 "Islamabad Dateline" 130 high achieving Rootsians awarded
26-3-11 "The News International" Roots high-achievers awarded
26-3-11 "The Dawn International" President Asif Ali Zardari confers Tamgha-i-Imtiaz on Ms Khadija Mushtaq Director Roots School System on Pakistan Day
25-3-11 "The News International" Pakistan Day celebrated
25-3-11 "The News International" RSS director gets 'Tamgha-i-Imtiaz'
25-3-11 "The News International" Pakistan Day celebrated
25-3-11 "Pakistan Observer International" Khadija conferred with Tamgha-i-Imtiaz
10-3-11 "Pakistan Observer International" WWF launches earth hour green schools
10-3-11 "The Tribune International" Roots awards its high achievers
10-3-11 "The News International" Rootsians take part in fundraiser
10-3-11 "The News International" Rootsians adopt another govt school
11-3-11 "The News International" Chinese cultural exhibition held at Roots College
09-3-11 "Daily Times Islamabad" Two-day Chinese cultural exhibition kicks off
27-2-11 "The News International" 'Mehfil-e-Milad' held at Roots School System
26-2-11 "Daily Times Islamabad" Mehfil-e-Milad at Roots School
26-2-11 "Pakistan Observer International" Begum Kayani attends Mehfil-e-Milad
22-2-11 "Dawn International " Pak-China Institute website
22-2-11 "Islamabad Dateline " Children of Roots School wave national and Chinese flags at the launch Monday of a Chinese language class at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts
22-2-11 "Pakistan Observer International" Chinese Minister for people to people friendship
23-2-11 "Daily Express International" 'Three-pronged initiative to boost Pak-China ties'
23-2-11 "The Nation International" 'Three-pronged initiative to boost Pak-China ties'
23-2-11 "The News International" Roots launches Chinese language classes and website
15-2-11 "Read Pakistan International" Eid-Milad-Un-Nabi was celebrated at Roots School System Peshawar Branch
15-2-11 "Pakistan Observer International" Eid-Miladun Nabi celebrated at RSS
15-2-11 "The News International" Mehfil-e-Milad held at Roots
12-2-11 "The News International" World Wetlands Day - Students present thematic plays and songs
12-2-11 "The Express Tribune " World Wetlands Day - Student present skits to highlight environment issue
12-2-11 "The Nation International" World Wetlands Day - Massive deforestation ruining environment
12-2-11 "Pakistan Observer International" Roots school sweeps World wetlands day competitions
06-2-11 "Pakistan Observer International" Rotary interact club launched at Roots
30-1-11 "The Express Tribune " Rootsians show their creative side
30-1-11 "The News International" Students exhibit performing art talent
30-1-11 "The Nation International" Hero of 65' War paid tributes
25-1-11 "The News International" Fun gala amuses school children
24-1-11 "The News International" Officials in a group photo with the Islamabad Roots team who defeated RCI 82-A in the final of the Roots Basketball Girls Tournament in Islamabad.
21-1-11 "The Nation International" School debate highlights Pak-China friendship
21-1-11 "The News International" Youth people can change scenario of the region
16-1-11 "Pakistan Observer International" Dr Markus visits Roots School System
05-1-11 "The Nation International" Rootsian to attend HNMNN moot in Boston
05-1-11 "The Nation International" Drama festival entertains art lovers
06-1-11 "The News International" Rootsian to attend Harward Model UN
05-1-11"Pakistan Observer International" Rootsian to attend HNMUN session
05-1-11"Pakistan Observer International" Youth Drama Festival entertains art lovers
05-1-11 "The News International" Youth Drama Festival 2011
26-12-10 "Pakistan Observer International" RSS honoured with 7 Intel education awards
25-12-10 "The News International" Intel awards for teachers, administrators
24-12-10 "Tribune International" Incorporating technology in education
07-12-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Nations of the World come together at Roots
06-12-10 "The News International" Students prepared to be better global citizens
06-12-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Committee on women dev stands out at RMUN
05-12-10 "The News International" Roots model UN opens with 'one-world - one heart'
05-12-10 "The Nation International" Student leaders discuss world peace
04-12-10 "The Nation International" Opening ceremony of RMUN 2010 under the auspices of Roots School System .....
01-12-10 "The News International" Noori lights up Roots
01-12-10 "Daily Times Islamabad" Teachers are precious human resource, says SASSI DG
30-11-10 "The News International" Roots Olympiad concludes at NAG
30-11-10 "The Nation International" "Talented youth pivotal for progress'
29-11-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Singers performing on the stage at Roots National Olympiad
29-11-10 "The News International" Students competing in a tug-of-war competition during the Roots National Olympiad 2010 in Islamabad on sunday
29-11-10 "The News International" "HEALTHE WORLD"
Roots College International - Satellite Town Chapter

28-11-10 "The News International" Students pledge to keep the earth clean
28-11-10 "The News International" Lively events feature Olympiad
28-11-10 "The News International" Roots Olympiad 2010 - Redefining Creativity, Reinventing Talent !
27-11-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Roots National Olympiad 2010 event
27-11-10 "The News International" 1,000 plus students participating in the event
27-11-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Roots National Olympiad 2010 event
27-11-10 "The News International" Roots Youth Model United Nations concludes
26-11-10 "The Nation International" Kaira says youth's role vital to end terror
26-11-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Kaira stresses unity to overcome challenge
25-11-10 "The News International" Satellite Town Chapter
24-11-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Rymun to mold elitist intellectual base
23-11-10 "The News International" Opening ceremony of Rymun 2010 held
07-11-10 "The Nation International" Sports for Peace Extravaganza 2010 at Roots
07-11-10 "The News International" Roots Sports for Peace Extravaganza held
07-11-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Roots Sports for peace extravaganza spell bounds audience
31-10-10 "Daily Ausaf Islamabad " Roots Sports Day at Peshawar
31-10-10 "The Statesman International" 'Country's prosperity hinges on healthy nation'
31-10-10 "The News International" Rootsians exhibit sportsmanship
31-10-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Rootsians exhibit impressive sportsman spirit
28-10-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Faisal Mushtaq Director RSS conferred Young Management and CEO Excellence Award 2010
27-10-10 "The News International" Rootsians taught about e-learning
25-10-10 "The News International" Roots director wins two awards
24-10-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Faisal wins excellence awards
24-10-10 "The Nation International" Roots executive awarded
17-10-10 "The News International" Student observe World Food Day
14-10-10 "The Dawn International" Japan embassy hosts art, speech contest
14-10-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Japan envoy lauds young Pakistani students
14-10-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Roots Students clinches Awards in SPACE WEEK 2010
13-10-10 "The News International" Rootsians excel in mathematics contest
13-10-10 "The Nation International" Rootsians clinch 4 gold medals in maths contest
13-10-10 "The Dawn International" Spelling Bee contest - Roots School wins regional title
11-10-10 "The News International" Schoolchildren mark Fire Prevention Day
11-10-10 "The News International" Rootsians clinch positions in IST space week
10-10-10 "The Nation International" Rootsians observe Fire Prevention Day
07-10-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Students of Roots School System observing International Teachers Day in Islamabad
07-10-10 "Pakistan Observer International" RSS cultural award ceremony
03-10-10 "The News International" German Cultural Club of Roots spreads global diversity
02-10-10 "The News International" Students of the Roots School System, F-10 Branch, pose for a photograph with Ambassador of Brazil Alfredo Leonie in Islamabad.
01-10-10 "Pakistan Observer International" RSS lauded for Global Values
30-09-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Rootsians win 10 awards in RCWEC
30-09-10 "The Nation International" Commonwealth essay competition 2010
Rootsians win 10 awards

30-09-10 "The News International" Rootsians win 10 awards in commonwealth essay competition
26-09-10 "The Nation International" Rootsians depict peace through art
26-09-10 "The News International" Students depict peace through art
23-09-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Roots inaugurates campus at Sialkot
22-09-10 "The Nation International" Roots inaugurates campus in Sialkot
21-09-10 "The News International" Rootsians pledge to end poverty
21-09-10 "The Nation International" Rootsians pledge to eradicate poverty
20-09-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Participants keenly listening to speakers during third day of Teacher Development Conference with the theme "Together, everyone achieves more' organized by RNITTE at PNCA
20-09-10 "The Nation International " 3-day RNITTE moot concludes
20-09-10 "The News International " Teachers urged to instil hope, patriotism into students
19-09-10 "The News International " Teachers role in educational system highlighted
19-09-10 "The News International " Participants imparted concept of community reengineering
18-09-10 "The News International " Teachers role in educational system highlighted
18-09-10 "The Nation International" Teacher Development Conference gets underway
18-09-10 "The Nation International" Roots National Institute of Teacher Training & Education
18-09-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Teacher Development Conference 17th-19th Sep 2010
18-09-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Mushahid lauds RSS Chinese language learning initiative
17-09-10 "The Nation International " RNITTE to hold 3-day moot from today
16-09-10 "The Dawn International " Chinese being introduced in Pakistani Schools
03-09-10 "The News International " Volunteers pose for a photograph with Turkish First Lady Emine Erdogan during her visit to the PRCS Headquarters on Tursday.
29-08-10 "The News International " Roots College International B.Sc & LLB Students Flying High Once Again
30-08-10 "The Dawn International " Roots School System At Canyon Views
30-08-10 "The News International " Roots School System At Canyon Views
12-08-10 "The News International " AS & A Levels Result 2010, 211 st, A's & 1400 A's
12-08-10 "The News International " O-Level & IGCSE Result 2010, 105 st A's & 1507 A's
06-08-10 "The News International " Rootsians the brilliant Congratulations on your outstanding result HSSC Part II FBISE
12-07-10 "Roznama Aaj Kal " Karachi Winner of Ist Global HR Award Press Release
12-07-10 "Business Recorder " Karachi Public, private sectors needed to get country out of crisis
12-07-10 "Daily News " Karachi Winner of Ist Global HR Award Press Release
11-07-10 "Daily Times " Karachi 1st Global HR Recognition Awards 2010 ceremony held
10-07-10 "Roznama Din " Karachi 1st Global HR Recognition Awards held
10-07-10 "The Financial Daily " Karachi 1st Global HR Recognition Awards held
10-07-10 "Roznama Jurrat " Karachi Press Release for Global HR award
10-07-10 "Roznama Khabrein " Karachi Winner of Ist Global HR Award Press Release
10-07-10 "Roznama Nawa-i-waqt" Karachi Winner of Ist Global HR Award 2010
09-07-10 "Daily Roznama Karachi " Ist Global HR awards
09-07-10 "The Nation Karachi " Global HR awards
12-07-10 "The News International " Roots inks accord with Emaar Pakistan
10-07-10 "The Nation International " Roots School System to be set up in Capital
10-07-10 "Pakistan Observer International " Roots Campus to be set up at Canyon Views
30-06-10 "Dawn International " Workshop at Roots concludes
30-06-10 "The News International " 80 Teachers get Training Certificates
30-06-10 "The News International " Our Top Achievers Class 10th Annual Exam 2010 FBISE (Sc. Group)
29-06-10 "Pakistan Observer International " " Pakistan capable of delivering double-digit return" U.S. envoy tells investors
09-06-10 "The News International " Roots Head office team beat Satellite Town cricket team in final
09-06-10 "The Dawn International" Roots Students give message of hope, peace
09-06-10 "The News International " Roots, Indian school join hands
09-06-10 "Pakistan Observer International " Students of Roots School System staging a dance during a ceremony
08-06-10 "The News International " Green Schools Clubs idea receives good response
08-06-10 "Pakistan Observer International " Green Schools Club in Capital
07-06-10 "The News
Roots Head Office Beat Roots Satellite Town Region in a challenge Tournament
07-06-10 "Pakistan Observer International " Ready for Inspiration
07-06-10 "The News International " Montessori Materials & Methodology Workshop
21-05-10 "Daily Times International " Norwegian-Pakistani artists perform live concerts in School
21-05-10 "Pakistan Observer International " Pak, Norwegian musicians Concert
21-05-10 "The Nation International " Members of foreign troupe perform at Roots
15-05-10 "The News International " Participants of a rock climbing course organised by the Roots School System, Satellite Town
21-05-10 "The News International " Rootsians present heritage of Pakistan
20-05-10 "Pakistan Lahore" Annual Parents Day Lahore Campus
20-05-10 "The Nation International " Provincial Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman distributes prizes among the teachers of Roots School System
17-05-10 "Pakistan Observer International " Students recognition, Parents Day
15-05-10 "Pakistan Observer International " Students presenting tableaus
15-05-10 "The Dawn International " Students asked to work for nation
15-05-10 "The News International " Rootsians create magic with vibrant cultural diversity
13-05-10 "The News International " Roots Club win cricket series
06-05-10 "The News International " Junior Rootsians steal hearts with exhilarating performances
28-04-10 "The Jang International " Mushahid for tapping youth's unexplored potential
28-04-10 "The Nation City International " Mushahid for tapping youth's unexplored potential
28-04-10 "Pakistan Observer International " Media, judiciary, civil society symbolize changing Pakistan : Mushahid
23-04-10 "The News International " "Spectacular Annual Parents' Day holds at Roots' Peshawar Campus".
23-04-10 "The News International " Rootsians pledge to save Mother Earth
22-04-10 "The News International " Rootsians secure top positions
19-04-10 "Pakistan Observer International " Roots School System awards ceremony
18 Amend makes edu Compulsory upto Matric : Kaira

19-04-10 "The News International " Rootsians off to top World Universities
19-04-10 "City News" Energetic students display best of team spirit.
16-04-10 "City News " Lively Performances on global cultures mesmerise audience
16-04-10 "Pakistan Observer " Rootsians mark Parents Day.
18-04-10 "The Nation
City Islamabad "
Roots Satellite Town Branch Celebrates Parents Day
16-04-10 "The Nation
Rootsians Celebrate Parents' Day 2010
13-04-10 "The News
Roots honours its brilliant students at Mirpur
14-04-10 "Khabrain
Annual Parents Day at Mirpur Campus 2010
06-04-10 "The News International" Rootsians explore scientific dynamics
30-03-10 "The News International" Rootsians join millions for Earth Hour
28-03-10 "Voice of Jhelum " Sports day at Mirpur Branch
28-03-10 "Statesman International" NWFP Olympic Association to launch talent-hunt scheme soon : Butt
28-03-10 "The News International" Participation is more important than winning
28-03-10 "Aaj News Pakistan " Roots Sports Day at Peshawar
28-03-10 "The News International" Rootsians Blaze Again to The Top University of the World
Stanford University Congratulations!
Dream it We make it real

16-03-10 "The News International" Roots T-20 Challenge Cup 2010
16-03-10 "The News International" Roots Red beat Greens
16-03-10 "The News International" Rootsians left audience with spiritual feeling
16-03-10 "The News International" Rootsians Blaze to the No. 1 University of the World!
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA

03-03-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Mehfil-e-Milad at RSS
26-02-10 "Pakistan Observer International" Roots School System launches Abbottabad branch.
20-02-10 "The News International" German Cultural Club launched
15-02-10 "The News International" Rootsians win awards in Wetlands Fiesta
10-02-10 "The News International" Roots 2009 High Achievers Awarded
03-02-10 "The News International" Roots School holds World Wetlands Fiesta.
31-01-10 "The News International" Rootsians expresses their artistic talent
31-01-10 "The Pakistan Times" Rootsians expresses their artistic talent
20-01-10 "The News International" Sara Mahboob honoured
20-01-10 "The Nation International" Youth asked to play productive role in society.
18-01-10 "The News International" Commitment to proffesion sure success : Farzana
18-01-10 "Nawa-i-waqt" RSS Rock Climbing course.
18-01-10 "The Nation" Rock Climbing course.
18-01-10 "Daily Times" Commitment to proffesion sure success : Farzana
15-01-10 "The News International" 97% students eye technology to bridge info divide.
09-01-10 "Pakistan Observer International" PTF president to promote tennis.
09-01-10 "The News International" Students asked to take up tennis for health.
09-01-10 "The Nation International" RSS Inter - School tennis championship starts today.
31-12-09 "Aaj Kal" 10-day RCI Sports Extravaganza ends.
31-12-09 "Nawai-e-waqt International" Prize winners of the Roots Inter-BrancH Sports Extravaganza with Roots School System Director Ch Walid Mushtaq in Rawalpindi.
31-12-09 "The News International" 10-day RCI Sports Extravaganza ends
24-12-09 "The News International" Prize winners of the Roots Inter-BrancH Sports Extravaganza with Roots School System Director Ch Walid Mushtaq in Rawalpindi.
24-12-09 "The News International" Director Roots School System Ch Waleed Mushtaq awarding winners trophy to badminton player on Wednesday.
22-12-09 "The News International" Federal Minister Shahid Hussain Bhutto and Chinese Ambassador Luo Zhaohui giving away prize to a participant in Poster and Slogan Competition on the occasion of 60th anniversary of China's Founding Day.
22-12-09 "The News International" APCFA holds awards Ceremony
21-12-09 "The News International" Intel Education Award for Roots Director.
19-12-09 "The News International" Roots School System Director Faisal Mushtaq giving Away trophy to the winning team 82 College Roots Captain after the final.
16-12-09 "The News International" Intel Education Awards for schools and Teachers.
16-12-09 "The Nation International" Intel Education Award Ceremony - Teachers honoured for enhancing student learning.
07-12-09 "Nawa-i-waqt International" Stall decoration contest Gujranwala Branch.
04-12-09 "The News International" 1,000 delegates attend 4-day 'Model United Nations'
25-11-09 "The News International" Rootsians get commendation certificates
14-11-09 "The News International" Roots club beat Allahabad Boys
21-11-09 "The News International" Rootsians celebrate Universal Children's Day
12-11-09 "Pakistan Observer International" Rootsians get e-learning portal
12-11-09 "The News International" Roots Launches e-learning web portal
04-11-09 "The News International" Private Institutes start E-learning programme
22-10-09 "The Friday
Times "
Peace Through Art !
21-10-09 "The Dawn International " Roots IKMC 2009 International Toppers !
16-10-09 "The News International " Rootsians Pledge together to eradicate Poverty from
16th - 18th Oct, 2009

15-10-09 "Daily Nawa-i-Waqt International " Salute to Pakistan Army
06-10-09 "Pakistan Observer International " Rootsians celebrate Teachers' Day
08-10-09 "The News International " 'Yale Educator Award' for Khadija
14--09 "The Nation International " Rootsians celebrate China's 60th anniversary
06-10-09 "The News International " Over 130 delegates debate on key world issues
04-10-09 "The News International " Peace through art exchange programme held.
18-09-09 "The News International " Namaz day held at Roots School System (77-A Satellite Town Branch)
14-09-09 "The News International " Sara gets Roots School System Scholarship.
21-08-09 "The News International " 'Achievement Excellence Award' to Board of Directors of Roots School System presented by the Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif
21-08-09 "The News International " Roots School System introduces German Language Programme.
01-08-09 "The News International " SSC Annual Examination 2009 - BISE
01-07-09 "The News International " SSC Result part II - FBISE
20-08-09 "The News International " Edexcel 'O' Level Result 2009
11-08-09 "The News International " CIE 'AS' & 'A' Level result 2009 (Feeling on Top of the World)
13-08-09 "The News International " Moot on teachers' development concludes.
17-07-09 "The Nation International " Roots 20 Cup 2009
01-07-09 "The News International " Rootsians the brilliant !!! Congratulations on your outstanding result SSC Part II - FBISE
30-06-09 "The News International " Women main beneficiaries of BISP : Farzana
28-06-09 "Daily Jinnah " Farzana praises RNITTE for quality teacher training.
28-06-09 "Daily Asas" Farzana praises Roots for quality teacher training.
28-06-09 "Pakistan Observer " Farzana praises RNITTE for quality teacher training.
04-05-09 "The News International " Wunderkind Ali Moeen continues to hog the spotlight.
13-06-09 "The News International " Lively Performances by Rootsians bring cheer.
01-06-09 "The News International " Roots School System World Class Achievements Strong Roots, Bright Futures....
06-05-09 "The Jang International " Roots Tennis girl Anooshe
24-05-09 "The News International " Montessori Materials & Methodology Workshop
06-05-09 "The News International " Roots School System high-achievers
06-05-09 "The News International " Roots School System high-achievers get Awards
18-03-09 "Daily News Mart " Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani with students
18-04-09 "Samaaj News " Roots mission is to promote quality education in the country.
18-03-09 "Kiyenat News " Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani with students
18-03-09 "Universal News " Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani giving shield to Ali Moeen
18-03-09 "Grifft News " Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gilani
21-05-09 "Tme News " Roots School signs Mou with Goethe Institute
18-03-09 "Pakistan Observer "

PM honours student who made history in academics

18-03-09 "The News International" PM honours student who made history in academics
18-03-09 "The Nation International" Youth capable of bringing laurels to country : PM
18-03-09 "The Nawai Waqt International" Prime Minister Syed Yusaf Raza Gilani with Ali Moeen in Roots Islamabad Branch
18-03-09 "The Jang International" Prime Minister Syed Yusaf Raza Gilani with Ali Moeen
18-03-09 "The News International" Prime Minister Syed Yusaf Raza Gilani giving a shield to Ali Moeen Nawazish in Islamabad on Tuesday.
18-03-09 "Daily Times International" Rising from Roots
04-03-09 "The News International" Lively Olympiad at Roots School
18-02-09 "The News International" Rootsians to raise awareness about Wetlands
01-02-09 "The News International" Rootsians make pottery
11-02-09 "The News International" Roots Club beat Margalla
11-02-09 "The News International" Rootsian blazes his way into Guinness Book of World Records
11-01-09 "The News International" Roots Beat Galaxy by four wickets
05-12-08 "The Jang International" Twenty Cricket Tournament
06-02-09 "The Dawn International" Spelling Bee 2009
05-12-08 "The Dawn International" 15 math wizards get medals
30-11-08 "The News Internationa" Nigar teaches students art of drawing cartoons
21-11-08 "All News of Pakistan" Universal Day Observed
27-10-08 "Aaj Kal'' Roots Celebrating open day
26-10-08 "The News International'' Rootsians get exposed to world cuisine
23-09-08 "The News International'' 'Let Peace Prevail!' say Rootsians
04-09-08 'The Dawn International'' Students taught road safety measures.
03-09-08 "The Dawn International'' Roots Bsc & LLB Students Stun The World Once Again! 100% First Class Honours in Bsc Accounting & Finance.
31-08-08 "The News International'' Fun filled 'Summer Splash' at Roots
02-09-08 "The Jung International'' Roots DHA Cricket Team Won the Tournament.
22-08-08 "The News International'' Roots Proudly Announces the launch of Roots DHA Campus at Phase 1 classes commence 1st September 2008
11-08-08 "The News International'' Breaking News!!!
Rootsians Stun the World Academia Once Again!
Cambridge International Examnations
'As' & 'A' Level Result 2008
01-08-08 "The News International'' Rootsians Excel in SSC Examination for 20 Consecutive Years!
12-08-08 "Pakistan Observer International'' Speakers for inculcating learning zeal in students.
12-08-08 "Daily Time International'' Teachers urged to groom youth for leadership roles
10-08-08 "The Nation International'' Teachers development moot Opens
12-08-08 "The News International'' Role of teachers 'increases manifold'
29-06-08 "Pakistan Observer'' Rootsians enjoying summer camp
29-06-08 'The Nation International' Turkish documentary screened in Summer Camp
01-07-08 'The Nation International' A Photogroup of Roots School Soccer team .
21-06-08 'The Nation International' Rootsians to participate in IGGY .
19-06-08 'The Nation International' U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson with several students of Roots College International .
19-06-08 'The News International' U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson with several students of Roots College International .
18-06-08 'Islamabad' U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W. Patterson with several students of Roots College International who will attend universities in the United States this year.
25-05-08 'The News International' Rootsians organise captivating art exhibition
27-05-08 'The Observer International' Chairman PCB Dr Nasim Ashraf giving away runners up PCB Pepsi International School Trophy captain/coach Zahoor Ahmed Bhatti at Bagh-e-Jinnah ground
24-05-08 'The Observer International' Roots School marks annual Parents day
15-05-08 'The News International' Rootsians give lively performance
15-05-08 'The observer International' Roots hold parents day
15-05-08 'The Nation International' Roots parents day
15-05-08 'The Dawn International' Roots holds graduation ceremony
15-05-08 'The News International' Little Rootsians graduate at Parents Day
09-05-08 'The News International' Truck Art fascinates schoolchildren
27-04-08 'Daily TimeInternational' Students of the Roots School System pose with their drawing during 'The Truck Art' exhibition on Saturday.
22-04-08 'The Nation International' Roots Soccer team with Manager Zahoor Ahmed Bhatti.
22-04-08 'The Nation International' Players of the Roots United Football team and Roots School 71 pose for a group photo with Director chaudry Faisal Mushtaq in Rawalpindi.
16-04-08 'The Nation International' Minister stresses for quality education
17-04-08 'The News International' Roots School System turns 20
15-04-08 'Tribune International' Roots arranges annual Parents Day
15-04-08 'Tribune International' Roots School Introduced new methods in education.
14-04-08 'The Nation International' Roots International College football team with coach Zahoor Ahmed after winning the match against combined-XI 2-1.
10-04-08 'The Nation International' Roots hold annual Art show
10-04-08 'The News International' Rootsians depict art through ages
01-04-08 'The Nation International' Rootsians exhibit sportsman spirit
01-04-08 'The News International' Prize winners of the Roots Sports day with Branch Head Kalsoom Tanvir, Teachers & Coach Zahoor Bhatti in Rawalpindi
31-03-08 'The Nation International' Winning teams of Badminton and basketball of Roots School
31-03-08 'Aaj Kal' Roots Champs on Sports Day
30-03-08 'The News International' Rootsians exhibit sportsman spirit
25-03-08 'The Nation International' Roots School System celebrated Pakistan Day with full passion and enthusiasm
19-03-08 'The Nation International' Mehfile-e-Milad at Roots School

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