28-03-07 'THE NEWS' ISLAMABAD Roots Academy beat PAF Base
29-03-07 'THE NEWS' ISLAMABAD Annual Parents Day at Roots Thematic Montessori Lahore
24-04-07 'THE NEWS' ISLAMABAD Rootsian excel in models lively Nature Carnival held at Islamabad
24-04-07 'The Nation' Islamabad Roots School wins WWF Nature Carnival
24-04-07 'The Nation' Islamabad Win for Pindi Roots School - Cricket
24-04-07 'The Nation' Islamabad Truck art excites School Children
11-04-07 'The Nation' Islamabad Roots Environmental Sports extravaganza enthralls audience
30-04-07 'The News' Islamabad Roots School holds sports day
29-04-07 'The Nation' Islamabad Rootsian exhibit impressive sportsman spirit
03-05-07 'The News' Islamabad Roots Montessori transformed into magic Disney World
03-05-07 'The News' Islamabad Roots Montessori holds Eid Gala
03-05-07 'The Nation' Islamabad Roots encourages creativity
09-05-07 'The News' Islamabad Rootsians depict ancient art
12-05-07 'The News' Islamabad Roots holds lively graduation ceremony
13-05-07 'The Nation' Islamabad Roots holds Montessori graduation ceremony
20-05-07 'Associated Press Of Pakistan' Govt spending huge amount for uplift of education sector in AJK
25-05-07 'Daily Mail Online Edition' National task force to be formed on oral health: Nasir
27-05-07 'Daily Mail Online Edition' A women of substance
30-05-07 'The News' International Rootsians display their creative talent
31-05-07 'The News' International Lively Performance
05-06-07 'The News' International Young graduates of Roots Thematic Montessori pose for a photograph in Islamabad
11-06-07 'The News' International Bsc & 'A' Level Graduates 2006-2007
05-07-07 'The Nation' International Pakistan-Sudan Cultural Show
01-08-07 'The News' International Roots Students OUTPERFORM in SSC Composite Examination 2007 Science Group
07-08-07 'The News' International Roots School System 'As' & 'A' Level Result Cambridge International Examinations - UK
07-08-07 'The News' International Three- Day Conference begins in Islamabad today
10-08-07 'The News' International Qazi for system to support teachers
07-08-07 'The News' International Roots School System 'O' Level Result 2007 Edexcel International & CIE, UK Congratulations!
31-08-07 'The News' International ROOTS BEATS ALL RECORDS!
11-08-07 'The Nation' Participants of annual Roots School Teacher Development Conference 2007 at Islamabad Club Auditorium
5-09-07 'The News' International Roots BSC Result 2007 University of London
12-09-07 'The News' International Commonwealth Essay Competition Award
12-09-07 'The News' International Commonwealth Essay Competition Award 2nd
  Hira Abad with the Prime Minister 11 September 2007

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